Gentle Flow

This class is taught by:

Lakota Elise Sandoe

For Lakota Elise Sandoe, yoga has become an anchor for over 20 years in an exploration of the possibilities of being that has included integrating early traumas, mothering, having an amazing home birth experience, healing her body from injuries and navigating the charms and chaos of family life.

As a teacher, Lakota loves the puzzle of translating ancient ideas into the context of our busy, modern lives. Her study of meditation and somatic inquiry has brought the concept of mindfulness to the forefront of her own practice, and this quality characterizes her classes. Mindfulness is a process of coming alive to and engaging in life, re-associating our experience, honing and expanding our awareness of ourselves, of others and of the possibilities around us. It is opening ourselves to the less sanctioned parts of our natural intelligence: creativity, sensuality, intuition and receptivity.

Lakota constructs each of her classes around an idea that playfully weaves together the physical, energetic, intellectual and emotional elements of practice. Through fluid sequencing and attention to transitions, she hopes to foster an experience of homecoming, in which we delight in embodiment, expand beyond our assumptions, rest in the self, and, over time, learn to trust ourselves and the flux of life. Whether you are building support for a sustainable practice, looking for vigorous refinement or in need of the replenishing aspects of Yoga, her classes are designed to offer a range of options and hit all the sweet spots.

Lakota is passionate about working with women pre- and post-natally, the therapeutic applications of yoga, creative service projects, and indulging in the enjoyment of this precious life. She hopes to offer all her students an experience of empowerment that extends beyond studio walls.

The mommy of two beauties, Lakota loves plants and creative acts of all sorts. She is Yoga for Trauma, Prenatal and 500hr certified, and also helps train teachers at the 200hr and 500hr level. To learn more about her yoga story or delve more deeply into the themes of her classes visit

This class is designed to use a combination of breath, meditation, asana, and gentle movement to aid in healthy aging, to gently introduce yoga movement to the body post injury, and for anyone generally looking to introduce gentle yoga movement into their life. Gentle Flow will encourage students to direct their focus inward while practicing accessible standing, seated, and reclined postures that support a connection to the breath, healthy range of motion, balanced nervous system, and greater mind/body awareness. Students will experience less vigor in this class than in other flow classes, while being offered more movement than purely restorative and yin practices.We hope that students will leave each class feeling grounded and renewed, with a deeper sense of connection to self. All levels and abilities are welcome.