lakota 4Where are you from and how long have you been in boston?
I'm originally from Lowell MA, aka Mill City, home of the late, great, beat poet, Jack Kerouac. I went to high school just outside of Boston in the nineties so Harvard Square and Newbury Street were my adolescent stomping grounds. It wasn't until 2008 that i called the Boston area my home. 8 years later it really feels like home!

What was your first yoga class like?
My first class was an elective at my progressive artsy high school. It was Kundalini yoga so there was lots of chanting, heavy breath work and holding your arms in ridiculous shapes for way too long! But what got me hooked instantly was the feeling, the shift in energy, and the ability to fully relax at the end of a class. This is still what fascinates me about the practice.

What’s your favorite pose to teach?
This and the following question are interesting in tandem. I often teach a pose i'm currently trying to hate less, lol. So for example, after my second pregnancy and childbirth, warrior three: dakasana, was what i call a nemesis pose. I couldn't do it for a while because it hurt my low back. Until i learned to heal the parts of my body that had taken a beating and strengthen my core again i hated and avoided this pose. Once i had learned to find real support and stabilize my SI joint (low back) i began practicing this a lot and therefore teaching it a lot. These days it's one of my staples and i am still teaching it a lot! It feels amazing to feel you're strong and flying like an arrow!

As a practitioner, what pose makes you cringe?
These days i'm healing up a little inner thigh pull so utthita hasta padangustasana a,b and c are nemesis poses for me. And so, of course, i'm teaching them a lot. I prefer not to only teach poses i feel i've mastered (after 20 yrs practicing, i've mastered one, childs pose ;) I like for my students to see that there's stuff i'm working on and also that practice changes.. what was once easy now takes some work, and what was once impossible is now steady and sweet. Life is full of change and surprises. Yoga gives us the tools to navigate those changes gracefully.

Where can we find you when you’re off your mat?
Walking my huge puppy! He's a labradane-pitbull mix. He's huge and black and shiny and loves to trot around town and goose people!

What’s your favorite or the most random song on your class playlist right now?
I seriously have too much good music to answer this question honestly right now. I'm a music junky. Sometimes i think it's the best thing about my classes ;) but, let's see, there's this song Obvs, by Jamie XX, that keeps popping up in my playlist and is so good it makes me want to cry! And it's amazing to flow to. So that's my pick!

Come play!