Where are you from and how long have you been in Boston?
I'm originally from Florida but most recently moved from New York City. I moved to Boston last summer.


What was your first yoga class like?
I had practiced here and there when I was younger, but the first class that really started me on the path of yoga was in 2009. It was at a Bikram studio in Las Vegas, NV. I came out drenched and totally exhilarated. What I remember best is that in my second class I understood the poses a little better, and it was much
harder than my first one!

What’s your favorite pose to teach?
That fluctuates all the time in terms of actual poses. What I love best is teaching a pose where you get to see a student have an "aha!" moment that totally changes their practice."

As a practitioner, what pose makes you cringe?
It's hard not to be a teacher with this question! I feel like there's a lot of yoga advertising with up dogs that don't look well aligned, and that makes me cringe a bit.

Where can we find you when you’re off your mat?
Singing, writing, playing with my dog, trying a new restaurant, and right now wedding planning!

What’s your favorite or the most random song on your class playlist right now?
I love ending class with the song "Lullaby" by Trevor Hall.