Welcome to the Mat

New to Yoga or Coolidge Yoga?

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your experience, and ensuring your fellow yogis do too!

Wear comfortable clothes; clothes that are form-­fitting may be best­ suited as they will not hinder your movement through the poses; also clothes that are too revealing may feel awkward as you get your body into some interesting postures.

We practice yoga with bare feet to allow for better stability and grip of the yoga mat.

If you are running late (5 minutes or less), you are welcome to join a class in progress (we understand life can get in the way). We ask that you respect the students already in the class by entering as quietly as you can. If a seated meditation or breathing exercise is happening at the beginning of class, please wait in the back of the classroom until the students start to move again before setting up your mat and props.

We ask that you do not leave class before the end of savasana (the last pose of the class, where you rest on your back), in order to not disrupt the savasana of other students.

Yoga props are available for you to use in the studio. Please use a block, strap, or blanket as needed. If you are a new student, grab one of each so you can modify your practice as needed.

Be mindful when entering and setting up for class, some students may already be enjoying a quiet meditation before class begins.

Please turn your cell phones off. If you are “on call” you may have you phone next to your mat on vibrate, but please leave the room quietly to answer the phone.

Please stow all belongings in the cubbies in the shoe area or next to the coat room to keep the studio floor uncluttered.

Keep an open mind and have fun as you sweat and relax.